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Air Products' Freshline® freezing and chilling solutions are designed for a variety of batch or continuous processes. You’ll find that their innovative design makes them easy to clean, saving you both downtime and labour costs.

Find out here which Freshline® equipment suits your current needs:

Chilling/temperature control

Freshline® LIN-IS System
Our Freshline® LIN-IS temperature control system enables the even cooling of mixed products in preparation for the ideal texture to be formed or further processed. The Freshline® LIN-IS can be fitted on any type of mixer and is often used to speed up the process prior to forming burger patties for example.

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Freezing and chilling 

batch freezer

Freshline® Batch Freezer
Our Freshline® Batch Freezer has been specifically designed to meet the stringent needs of cookchill and cook-freeze in the catering industry. It is also ideal for food processors with batch or low volume freezing/chilling requirements.

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QS tunnel freezer

Freshline® QS Tunnel Freezer
Our Quick Start (QS) cryogenic freezing and chilling system requires minimal upfront capital investment and is quickly and easily integrated into your existing or new production line providing you with an easy, low risk solution. It is simple to operate and rapid to install while offering greater flexibility for fast switchover of products.

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MP tunnel freezer

Freshline® MP Tunnel Freezer
Our state-of-the-art Multi-Purpose (MP) Tunnel Freezer is designed to provide exceptional performance while incorporating the latest international hygiene features.

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TRS freezer

Freshline® TRS Freezer
To meet the growing use of high speed cutters, our TRS Tunnel Freezer was specially designed for continuous crust chilling, both of cooked and fresh products prior to slicing or filleting.

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IQF freezing and/or coating equipment

DM tunnel freezer

Freshline® DM Tunnel Freezer
Our flexible Dual-Mode (DM) freezer allows you to quickly change from processing IQF to non-IQF products using the same freezer.

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IQF tunnel freezer

Freshline® IQF+ Tunnel Freezer
Our Freshline® IQF+ freezer has been created to offer consistent high quality IQF products to processors with high throughput needs and/or difficult or sticky products.

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Freshline rotary freezer

Freshline® Rotary Freezer
Our Freshline® Rotatory Freezer can reach an optimal IQF result for the smallest type of products.
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Coating and enrobing of IQF products


Freshline® Tumbler
Our Freshline® Tumbler is a coating technology ideally suited for high-value food preparation. Our tumbler combines two processes in one system – enrobing with sauce and IQF freezing. It can deliver an ideal balance of hard products (such as meat balls) and liquids, producing original coated delicacies.

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Freshline® Mixer
Our Freshline® Mixer is a technology specially designed coat evenly larger volumes of IQF products

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