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The templates below have been developed with preset layouts, color palettes, type, and momentum lines to provide maximum design flexibility within a framework to ensure brand consistency, and should be used as the basis for all print and electronic communication materials. Please use these approved templates and consult with a member of the Corporate Communications team before designing any new materials or if there are any questions regarding proper use of the templates.


Advertising_8_5x11_NA_May13 (17.1 MB)
Advertising_A4_EU_May13 (19.2 MB)
Advertising_fractionals_EU_May13 (63.2 MB)
Advertising_fractionals_NA_May13 (65.1 MB)

Certificates and Plaques

Certificate_EU_Jun12 (785 K)
Certificate_NA_Jun12 (818 K)

Direct Mail

DirectMail_EU_Jul13 (97.6 MB)
DirectMail_NA_Jul13 (145.5 MB)

Exhibitions Banner, Stands and Posters

Posters_EU_Jul13 (32.6 MB)
Posters_NA_Jul13 (45.7 MB)


Flyer_EU_Feb13 (939 K)
Flyer_NA_Feb13 (937 K)


CaseStudy_EU_Apr13 (7.7 MB)
CaseStudy_NA_Apr13 (6.2 MB)
DataSheet_EU_Apr13 (1.7 MB)
DataSheet_NA_Apr13 (1.9 MB)
KnowledgePaper_EU_Apr13 (5.6 MB)
KnowledgePaper_NA_Apr13 (946 K)
LargeBrochure_EU_Apr13 (35.5 MB)
LargeBrochure_NA_Apr13 (34.8 MB)
LargeBrochure_w_pocket_EU_Apr13 (32.8 MB)
LargeBrochure_w_pocket_NA_Apr13 (32.7 MB)
PocketFolder_EU_Apr13 (26.2 MB)
PocketFolder_NA_Apr13 (26.2 MB)
SmallBrochure_EU_Apr13 (30.2 MB)
SmallBrochure_NA_Apr13 (29.7 MB)
SmallBrochureTrifold_EU_Apr13 (29.2 MB)
SmallBrochureTrifold_NA_Apr13 (29.2 MB)
TechPaper_EU_Apr13 (3 MB)
TechPaper_NA_Apr13 (2.9 MB)


Newsletter_EU_Jan13 (7.4 MB)
Newsletter_NA_Jan13 (7.5 MB)