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Identity Manual

The identity manual is a vital resource for anyone that needs to develop approved Air Products communications and should be used in conjunction with approved electronic templates. It is updated frequently and the dates next to each file indicate the latest revisions. Each section of the manual can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the corresponding icon or title. You can also view or download the entire manual at the link below. If you wish to receive on a disk, contact your regional representative.

1. Introduction
Download PDF (900K)

2. Basic elements
Download PDF (2,793K)

3. Administration materials
Download PDF (1,476K)

4. Presentations
Download PDF (220K)

5. Literature system
Download PDF (6,190K)

6. Marketing materials
Download PDF (502K)

7. Exhibitions
Download PDF (444K)

8. Advertising
Download PDF (3,639K)

9. Promotional materials
Download PDF (299K)

10. Website
Download PDF (509K)

11. Multimedia
Download PDF (642K)

12. Signage
Download PDF (1622K)

13. Equipment & product labeling
Download PDF (375K)

14. Vehicles
Download PDF (243K)

15. Tanks & coldboxes
Download PDF (222K)

16. Uniforms
Download PDF (19,640K)

17. Brand architecture
Under Development

18. Internal communications
Download PDF (201K)

Glossary of branding terms
Download PDF (62K)

Full version of manual
Download PDF (14,484K)